Flying to Tokyo in 20 hours!

I’ve been too busy to tell you all about which shrines I plan to visit in Tokyo (remember the category of places I wanted to visit?) BUT hopefully you’ll forgive me as I will tell you briefly a few names, but won’t go in to pictures or details this time! 

Meiji Shrine – One of the most popular shrines in Tokyo (and the oldest)! 

Asakusa Shrine – Located in Asakusa area of Tokyo, this is the place to go for your traditional and authentic Japanese goods (charms, kimonos, accessories et.c) 

I’m sure there are more shrines that my friend and I will visit, but these are the two at the top of my head! It’s getting late and as we bought our tickets on a travel website, we must print them tonight (was supposed to do this rather than blog, actually but hey)! 

My travel buddy and super-close friend will be sleeping over tonight, and is in fact already here entertaining herself with the piano and her Japanese rock songs… time to go tend to the honoured guest! 

Our flight is in the afternoon tomorrow and not too early (thank goodness) and if I’m lucky enough, my luggage hasn’t gone over maximum weight ! ! 

Lia (and friend)!


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