Shopping in Tokyo!

今晩は (Good evening)!

I’ll skip the small talk and jump right in to tonight’s topic: Shopping!

Tokyo is quite a fashionable city, and shopping there is not cheap if you are looking for good quality merchandise. When it comes to fashion, Tokyo has both high-end Western brands (Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Prada…mostly located in the Ginza district) as well as its high-end Japanese brands (Issey Miyake, and Comme des Garcons for example). For those looking for non-luxury brands, Tokyo also has it all!

louis vuitton (Photo from

Where to Shop for Fashion:

Shibuya 109 – Hip and trendy, this 8-story shopping mall (plus 2 basement levels) is paradise for the fashionable youth. Check out the mall’s website for more information about the stores on each level! I’m looking forward to shopping at Mioremyu (1st basement floor), Navana Wig (2nd basement floor), Samantha Vega (1st floor), Flag-J shoe store (2nd floor),  Liz Lisa (5th Floor), pretty much every shop on the 6th floor! I should note though, that probably 90% of the mall is targeted towards female shoppers.

shibuya 109(Photo from

LaForet – Popular department store, also targeting youth shoppers. This mall, in addition to many shops (including Hysteric Glamour, Lazy Hazy Planet, World Wide Love ) has restaurants, a museum, and often hosts special events and performances.

LaForet(Photo from

Omotesando Hills – A shopping area which includes a Multi-purpose 6-story shopping mall with a variety stores including custom-made fashion, high-quality Japanese brands, jewellery, cosmetics, books, stationaries, cafes and bars.

If you’re looking for Lolita fashion, here are my faves:

Angelic Pretty – Sweet / Classic Lolita.

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright – Victorian / Rococo / Vintage Lolita.

Innocent World – Gothic / Sweet Lolita.

angelic pretty

                                         (Photo from

Other favorite brands:

Milk – Clothing; lolita influence; feminine; elegant.

Les Merveilleuses LADUREE  – Makeup; bath and body items.

Mary Quant – Clothing; bold checks; London look.

Bomica Dot – Clothing; feminine; creamy colours; 60’s.

Mary Garet – Clothing; classic; 30’s; dresses.

Mercuryduo – Clothing; pastel colours; feminine; floral patterns.

Other must-visits in Tokyo are the Akihibara Electric town (for all your anime, high-tech and highest quality electronics), the famous Hello Kitty store (for all you HK lovers), Kiddy Land (toys, toys and more toys), the Ghibli Museum, Tsukiji fish market (food stalls and fresh fish in one of the biggest fish markets in the world), and Asakusa area for all your authentic, traditional Japanese objects (kimonos, fans, swords, and antiques).

kiddy land

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(Photo, Asakusa shop, from


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As for Japanese cuisines, I’ll have to share that along the trip! I’m sure there are tons more brands and places to shop that I haven’t seen yet or forgot to mention, so the rest I will also share when I’m finally there (in 7 days to be exact) !