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A few days ago, I mentioned I’d be making separate posts for my “TO DO IN TOKYO” categories, and as promised, here is the 2nd! Tokyo, as one of the most crowded places in the world has plenty to offer in entertainment. Bellow are a list of things my friend and I are considering to do while there!

Harajuku – More specifically, Harajuku Station area (between Shinjuku and Shibuya on the Yamanote Line). If you’re in to fashion, specifically Japanese street fashion, and Japanese pop-culture, you most likely know of the popularized term. The style originated with the youth and their creativity in mixing/ matching a hybrid of global and timeless elements (western, traditional Japanese, punk, goth, rococo, lolita, cosplay etc.). My friend wants us to blend in by dressing up….we’ll see if I can give in to persuasion, or rather build the courage (you’ll never know until photos are uploaded)!! (Photos bellow from Flickr and Tokyofashion.com)


Tokyo Disneyland – If you’re a kindred spirit, love amusement parks/ semi-thrill rides and are a Disney fan like me, this is a must. Tokyo Disney Sea is the another resort, also connected to Tokyo Disney.

tokyo disney

tokyo disney

(Photos: http://bit.ly/oMd2wi)

Tokyo Tower – If you ever searched up “Tokyo” in Google images and stumbled upon the Eiffel tower instead, don’t be alarmed. Tokyo’s so incroyable, they just had to make another one! I couldn’t possibly compare the two, other than the difference in setting and colour, but after seeing it for myself, I’ll let you know. Simply stunning!

Tokyo Tower

(Photo: http://bit.ly/11pkH7G)

Tokyo Sky Tree – Completed in 2012, Tokyo Sky Tree is now the tallest tower in the world. Having had the privillage to behold Toronto’s C.N Tower (once upon a time the tallest), I can only imagine what a sight this will be! Sky tree’s elevator can take you 450 meters up to the Observational Deck, and 350 meters high, where you can step in to the high-end restaurant/ observatory, shopping area.

sky tree

sky tree

(Photos: http://bit.ly/oMd2wi)

Festival/ Event in May: Sanja Matsuri – (May 17th – 19th 2013) Annual festival in Asakusa area, in which Shinto gods are (symbolically) placed in nearly 100 portable shrines (mikoshi) and paraded around to bring good luck and prosparity to the businesses and people. A colourful, crowded and lively event with nearly 3,00,000 visitors in the span of 3 days, food stalls, traditional costumes, festival games and playing of Japanese drums and flutes! This is one of many festivals happening in May.

sanja matsuri  sanja matsuri

(Photos: http://bit.ly/15oVZJF)

Other options:

Nightlife entertainment? Most “Host clubs” are located in Kabukicho/ Shinjuku area, and according to this forum (http://bit.ly/1795awg) the prices normally vary from $20 – $50/ 90 mins, in addition to unlimited drinks (see link for details). I’ll dodge this experience as I can think of many other things to do with 20 bucks.

host club    (Photo: http://bit.ly/13yfsYq)

Karaoke is very popular in the bustling city of Toronto, though I’m not sure how available it is elsewhere. Karaoke in Japan is apparently even more awesome, and highly recommended by many tourists! In addition to these places/ activities, there are of course clubs, Anime conventionsJ- Rock concertsand Izakayas (Japanese bars). 

That’s that! Been to Tokyo? If you have any recommendations, do share!



Countdown has now reached 18 days, everyone!! ….though my luggages are still lying on the floor, empty, and begging to be packed.



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