To Do List Tokyo: Gardens, Parks & Nature

Days draw nearer and only 22 remain until we board our flight to Tokyo. My friend and I will be staying there nearly a month, and with every vacation and adventure of course, there must be a good balance of spontaneity and spur of the moment, as well as smart planning!

Without further ado, let me introduce to you, my list of places I intend to visit. To make it easier and a bit more organized, I’ve split the categories in to Shrines, Gardens/ Parks/ nature, Shopping, and Entertainment. In addition, to avoid long posts, I’ll be splitting the four categories in to 4 separate posts!

Gardens/ Parks/ Nature: 

Shinjuku Gyoen National garden – known as (one of) the most beautiful parks in Tokyo, this garden is located in Shinjuku. Enraptured in its beauty, there is also a traditional Japanese teahouse, a French Formal garden (a style of garden based on symmetry and the principle of imposing order over nature), a Taiwanese-style pavilion, and the Mother and Child Forest ( Haha to Ko no Mori/母と子の森 ).

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Chinzanso Garden – Beautiful all year round, and perfect for those who love taking long leisurely strolls! Many of the historical architecture and monuments remain in the garden today as well as the 500-year-old sacred tree, a large pond and waterfall.   Image

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Hama-rikyu – This garden, during the Edo period Japan, belonged to a feudal lord. Today, the garden is open to public, with an admission of $3 (it is not rare for some gardens as such in Japan to have a small fee of admission as the grounds are attended with utmost care).


Image(Above photos from this great travel blog!

Yoyogi Park – With a reputation as the most entraining park in Tokyo, Yoyogi is also one of the largest. The park is conveniently located adjacent to Harajuku Station and Meiji Shrine. It is a place not uncommonly occupied by those with Harajuku fashion taste!


In addition, the most popular and must-see places such as the Imperial Palace (where the imperial family lives) and Imperial Palace East Garden, the classical Japanese garden Rikugienas well as the Koishikawa Botanical garden (maintained by the U of Tokyo). We’ll see how many of these beauties we can fit in to our plans!



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