Got my passport for Japan!

Today was my day off from uni, and luckily, with a bundle of essays and tests out of the way I decided to go on a quest to renew my passport!

Little did I know there’d be a snow storm warning the night before I planned it (it is Canada after all and our climate’s been all over the place lately). So I woke up to find a heaping pile of snow on the ledge of my window, and on the random table outside in my backyard, was nearly a metre of it.

ImagePhoto credit goes to my friend who was also out-and-about today….It’s so beautiful (from the inside looking out the window and not having to endure its -18 furry, that is). But need I say more??

Passport was luckily successfully renewed however, and next on the Japan trip prep list is travel essentials and luggage! My friend and I were able to book a great hotel in the heart of Shinjuku (recommended by an acquaintance in Tokyo), and I’m too too excited to share with you guys where we’ll be staying in my next entry!



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