Going to Japan! !

On May 7th, I’m boarding the plane for the first time in 11 years, and I’m stoked!

Why, because I’ll be traveling with one of my closest friends for the first time (yes, just the two of us!!), and also because it will be my first time in Japan. (first time for everything!)

It all started last May…my friend and I were joking around about how we’d like to visit Tokyo together and visit Harajuku rather than look at photos. For some odd reason (maybe our heads were too hot under the sun that day), we ended up promising each other to travel there, same time next year~

Oddly enough, it’s happening!

We bought our tickets and booked our hotel in Shinjuku last month after extensive research on accommodations. We’ll be in Tokyo for almost a month, after which, we will I’m sure be both happy to be going back home to our families, and sad to be leaving the bustling city.

I’ll be sharing my adventure (before the travel, during and after) via my blog to give you guys all the details! I’ve already started saving up in order to splurge away when I’m there, because there’s so many boutiques and stores I want to visit, and so many brands of clothing, health and beauty products to buy!

Leaving right after university exams…sounds like the best vacation ever. I’ll also be doing reviews on all the goodies I bring back, along with a bundle of outfits and styles. Looking forward to it!

Stay tuned for more deets,



3 thoughts on “Going to Japan! !

  1. Hi ! I’m so jealous of you ! I want to go to Japan so badly ! Me and my close friend are saving up money so we can go there someday. :3
    I’m gonna follow your blog for sure ! ^_^

    1. Thanks Aversus21 > U < I know how you feel, took me a whiiiile to save up and I've still got to put away a bit more for actual spending on the trip he he
      Hopefully my entries will come in handy to you and your friend.

      1. Yeah, it’s really sad that Japan is so far away, because then it gets reaaally expensive ;__;
        Yes, I will definitely keep an eye on your posts. And if you notice something while you’re there that’s good to give advice about, the please let me know ! ^_^ Take care ~

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